Online Business Ideas for a New Year

Traditional methods of doing business, promoting products and services and use of desktops continued to be supplanted by newer practices of social media, online video and visual marketing as well as web data driven metrics. With this in mind its time to start implementing and expanding your online presence and marketing by making the following resolutions and incorporating them into your business plan in 2014.

Employ a robust content marketing plan.

Content Marketing became more important than ever in 2013. Custom content is less expensive and very effective in driving traffic to a website. Maintaining frequent updates with quality and unique content is a valuable tool for both visitors and search engines. Implementing a robust content marketing plan should be a priority resolution. Elements should include a video, a regularly updated blog, informational papers, other appropriate visuals and offerings. Having a robust content marketing plan is also much more suited to the digital era than conventional TV, radio or print.

Maximize your use of social media.

Social Media is not a fad. It is here to stay. A strong presence on social media platforms is more important than ever before. When you post on social media platforms you need to be sure to engage your audience. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ you need to get into conversations with people. Use social media to build help build a visual brand for your business. Share images with ideals that you believe represent your product/service – i.e. vibrant, old, young, etc.) to help attract your customer base and build audience.

Pay attention to mobile.

More people are accessing the web via their mobile device every day. Make sure you have a responsive design or a mobile version of your website. It is important that your site loads quickly, functions properly and is easily found on mobile devices.

Capitalize on website analytics.

Social media has enabled businesses to have more information about customers than ever before. This information is a wealth of knowledge on how visitors found you and what they think of you. Regularly reviewing these metrics ultimately enables you to serve them better and get their business. Data driven marketing can help you to be more effective and more personalized in your campaigns and meet your goals. By analyzing analytics you can determine the best ways to marketing and get your content out to the right audience and demographics.

Small Business Ideas Are Plentiful Online But Not All Created Equal

The internet has somewhat opened up a can of worms when it comes to finding the best small business ideas.

See, on one side we have thousands of pages of information on just about any business idea you can think about. But on the other side, if you listen to these marketers and authors…just about every idea under the sun is fool-proof and becoming wealthy as a business owner is just about certain and failure impossible.

The thing is, there are too many folks out there on the internet selling hope when what you’re often getting is a bag of goods.

The hope that you can soon tell your boss to get lost.

Hope you can work in your pajamas and spend 90% of your time playing with your kids while the bucks pour in the door.

Hope you can buy that fancy car within a month or two.

The funny thing is…it takes more than a $47 ebook and a little will to be on your way to millions.

But the fact is, not every business idea is a good one for you personally just because someone shows you the checks they made online.

This “hard sell” of hope is nothing new. In fact, I remember back in my teens being sucked into a local ad where you could easily make thousands of dollars a week in your spare time.

Hey, sounds great to a 17 year old looking for some extra cash.

And sure enough, I go to a meeting where you sit through a dog and pony show and the presenter shows you his actual paychecks! Thousands of dollars a week for doing little work at all.

Today…this same “marketing and sales” process is plastered all over the internet. Big money. Easy work.

“If you have a heartbeat, you can earn millions with this simple, step by step system.”

It also raises a question to these so-called gurus…

“Why aren’t you doing it anymore if it’s so easy and lucrative?”

Because it’s a heck of a lot easier telling other people how to do it then actually doing it yourself.

Now, beyond the negativity, some business ideas are legitimate and might be a great fit for you. There is information out there that’s excellent, helpful, and educational. From seminars that run in the thousands to simple, $29 ebooks that give you just enough information to put you a step ahead of the competition.

But just be careful and make sure you understand what you’re getting and who it’s coming from. And beyond the information, be sure the business idea is the right fit for you, your personality, and your goals.

The Best Online Business Ideas and How to Implement Them

With so many ways to make money online, how is a newcomer supposed to know which approach is best? It all begins with understanding the different online business ideas and choosing one based on existing knowledge and skills. Taking this approach will make the career seem less like work and more like fun. Each day will offer a chance to earn more money by doing something you love.

Affiliate Marketing

If selling products or services sounds fun but creating them does not, consider an affiliate marketing career. By joining an affiliate network, an individual becomes authorized to sell products or services created by other people. Developers will gladly pay others to spread the word regarding their items. Super affiliates earn six figure incomes simply by setting up and maintaining a website, with no product fulfillment or customer service required.

Blogging and Ebooks

Anyone with something to say about a topic should consider blogging or writing ebooks. Many people are making money online blogging about hot trends, initiatives, and cutting-edge developments. Others are writing an eBook about a topic of interest. With these endeavors, it is important to choose topics that you have substantial knowledge of and find interesting enough to write about for a prolonged period.

Paid Online Surveys

Imagine being paid to provide your opinion regarding a product, service, or other topic. Many companies, research firms, and other organizations want to hear what the public has to say. These questionnaires take only minutes to complete online and provide a decent source of secondary income. Some research or manufacturing companies even provide consumers with free products to test, provide feedback about, and keep.

Whatever venture you undertake, it is important to do it right. Getting assistance from an expert in the field helps new online entrepreneurs avoid the most common pitfalls, making their experience more pleasant and allowing them to realize profits more quickly. Harvey Seal is one expert at making money online using a niche approach. Mack Michaels is the founder of the Maverick Money Makers Club for online entrepreneurs and a go-to resource for Internet marketing.

With online business ideas that align with their interests and goals, as well as some help from a mentor, anyone can earn money on the Internet. Starting small as an affiliate, blogger, eBook writer, or paid survey taker and then expanding the focus prevents newbies from becoming overwhelmed. As they get more comfortable, online entrepreneurs can venture into other areas.