New Small Business Ideas – 5 Methods For Guaranteed Explosive Growth

Today, we are going to discuss a few new business concepts that will grow your business massively. We will uncover why marketing, especially internet marketing, is the marketing method of choice for home based businesses. We will also unearth why off-line marketing alone takes too much effort, time and money. No doubt about it, off line marketing is expensive, E.g. leads, printed brochures, and telemarketing to name a few. All of that, only to have your customers end up down the street at Jo’s or even worst Wally-World.

However, There IS a better way. There is a new business system designed for the small business owner. The new system consist of incorporating an Email Marketing campaign to your advertising arsenal.

Did you know that email-marketing is one of the most cost effective and powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to profiting and promoting your new business? Its easier to start than you think, and will allow you to place the majority of your sales efforts on autopilot.

Success in any business, and especially a home business depends on a reliable marketing system. The old school way of running a business, using high- end advertising mediums, is a broken, incomplete system.

Just remember, everything you do off-line can be done on-line with email marketing. Not only that, but everything you do off-line over and over again can be automated .

Here is why we call email-marketing the most revolutionary small business marketing system of the 21st century: Email-marketing allows a business owner to:

  1. Automatically educate potential customers about upgrades, commission structure and sales promotions
  2. Easily educate potential customers about their order deliveries Build trust and credibility, with improved conversions over time.
  3. Eliminates the sales pitch.
  4. Effortlessly expands your business world wide.
  5. Introduce new products and services to your existing list.

Bonus: Place your business on automatic via… an auto responder. What is an Auto Responder? It’s a service that automatically sends messages out to your email list. It is a software made for busy people, you can pre- schedule written messages to send to your data base years in advance. An auto responder is a critical component for those looking for new small business ideas to help advance their businesses.

Internet Business Opportunities: Readers, AdSense and Congruent Content

I read recently that The Daily Mail’s website has become the most viewed online newspaper, even though it brings in around $25million annually it still didn’t make a profit. Neither does the Huffington Post which was bought by AOL for £315million.

So why are these content rich sites not making a profit? I am a big believer that content sites can and should make big money. Why would AOL buy them up if they don’t have any revenue potential?

I believe it is one of congruency; the possible revenue and advertising on these sites do not match up to the types of people who visit these sites. There are many sites that are filled with content and that have millions of visitors. The Huffington Post has reported having over 30 million unique visitors per month!

That is a staggering amount, having that many visitors requires more than a £30 a year website, they will need their own servers and staff, it won’t be cheap but how can they not earn a profit from 30 million monthly visitors?

Sites like Photobucket and Icanhavecheezburger are content sites that rely on people uploading and sharing photos, we use Photobucket for nothing more than free storage for our pictures. The one thing that I notice when I am uploading the pictures is that the advertising is not related to anything on the site or what I desire.

We believe the type of adverts are those where the network is paid every time an advert is shown for longer than several seconds, that is why they often display the please wait while we process/upload your photo. It stops you moving to another page before the intended time has passed. So I cannot say whether Photobucket makes money or not.

The Daily Mail and Huffington post are sites that share news and gossip, so if you were reading about a train crash somewhere or what Kim Kardashian is up to you are not going to be shown any relevant adverts or be interested in any that are shown around the posts.

Google AdSense is designed to show adverts that are relevant to the content of your site; if it cannot match to the content then it will show ads that in reality will not be clicked. The methodology is all wrong. The online business opportunity of a content rich site is still a sound idea if done right.

Creating a successful content rich site

This is still a fantastic small home business idea and can be executed well if you decide exactly what it is you want to do and how you are going to do it. Thinking that you will create a site that has loads of pictures of funny cats, (everyone loves a funny cat picture/video) surround it with advertising and get loads of money from visitors just won’t do.

Someone looking at funny cat pictures who is 14 probably won’t want to click on a ‘Mature Dating’ ad and someone who enjoys looking at badly done plastic surgery pictures is unlikely to want life insurance.

However someone, one who loves Barcelona, may be a regular visitor to a site dedicated to all things Barcelona. They would love to read about restaurants in Barcelona and places to visit. They may also be planning on visiting Barcelona again; they may go regularly, so any adverts that appear on the site for flights to Barcelona, car hire, villas to rent or hotel accommodation in Barcelona are more likely to get clicked.

When a site covers a topic or place like Barcelona it can draw great relevant adverts from the AdSense network. Adverts for holidays, accommodation and flights could be higher paying as there is a lot of competition and there are higher profits involved so the companies can pay more to get their ads shown.

It is possible that you could use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your site cheaper than any of the hotel or villa hire companies as you will be focusing more on the people and the place itself. You won’t be trying to compete for the expensive keywords associated with hotels, flights or holidays.

It may be possible to have a set up where you put £1 in and get £2 out on autopilot. If you can pay for traffic to the site and get more back in advertising revenue then you are effectively creating profit and a huge traffic surge that will eventually start coming back for free!

They idea is that everything has to match. You may never get the numbers that gets as there are larger numbers of people who can enjoy and share cat pictures than those who are interested in a proper sub niche however your numbers will be more matched to the advertising.

The same can be applied to many types of websites, take DIY as an example, a site with plenty of ‘how to’ articles will pull up advertising for DIY stores and DIY products, which can cover a wide range of things, and many can be high priced items.

The idea is to add content regularly, this could be done by paying someone to write posts if you can’t do them yourself or get some close interested friends to share the work load. Go to Gumtree and look for people who would like to become profit share writers.

Adding content is the most important thing; the website must be seen to be alive and living. Otherwise people will not return and the website will slip down the rankings into oblivion.

There are so many niches and places out there that you can create a website around. Like everything, planning and work will come before the success but it must be done and it can be done easily if you have a plan to follow. There are millions of people on the internet and they don’t all go to the same websites.

Ian McConnell made $300,000 from a website dedicated to model trains and Patrick Meninga built a $2,000 a month AdSense site about addiction which he then sold for $200,000. At a Christening I was told about a couple who travel the world funded by earnings from a couple of sites, one focusing on dog walking! So don’t you go thinking it isn’t possible.

Think about all the different niches there are, use me as an example, I love dance music, there are so many genres available to choose from, I love making music, I love graphic design, I love graffiti art, I love Thailand and Ibiza, I love to travel, I love Sci-Fi, I love to write, I love Indian food, I love Chinese food, I love pizza, I love food!! Lol I am also vegetarian. There are more I could add to this list.

There are so many things that I could have a blog/website about. List down all the things you like and enjoy and you could find something suitable that you could create a blog dedicated to it and as you know, if you love something you are more likely to participate so writing about something you love will be easier than writing about things you don’t. That is half the battle won!

Turn Your Needlecraft Hobby Into a Fun and Profitable Home Business

Everyone is looking for the perfect home business! Everyone is looking for a way to either make a few extra bucks in these lean times or having had enough of the uncertainty of working for other people, to become their own boss and taking charge of their own futures.

Either way, the Internet is full of business ideas claiming to show you how you can get rich quick or make millions with the newest business idea, all with very little work. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. Yes it is possible to make extremely good money from your own business whether online or off, but it does require some work.

However, just because you need to do some work, it doesn’t mean it needs to be tedious or boring! Imagine if you could find a business idea that was easy to run and you had great fun working at it every day! What could be better than waking up every day and looking forward to starting work? How many people do you think are lucky enough to love getting out of bed and start work?

Well, there are a lucky few, that spend their days working for themselves in a business that is more like a hobby than work. These people have no more Sunday evening blues! They don’t have to fight their way onto dirty, smelly, packed commuter trains! They don’t waste their lives away sitting in traffic or clock watching in a dull job.

These people have discovered the secret to using their needlecraft hobby to create a fun, profitable and recession proof part time or full time home business! A home business which has negligible start-up costs, is easy to set up and run, requires no previous experience or qualifications and is self-financing. These people have learned how to turn their Needlecraft hobby; whether cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, blackwork or tapestry into a cash generating home business.

So what is this profitable needlecraft home business? What is the hobby business that taps into hundreds of thousands of eager paying customers, in one of the fastest growing hobbies in the World?

The answer…a needlecraft design business.

Why needlecraft designs?

The answer is very simple!

Even in hard times, it is a fact that people will still find money for their hobbies. Hobbies are therapeutic. Hobbies take you away from the mundane everyday life and provide you with stress relief at the end of a hectic day. Hobbies give pleasure, by doing something you love….and so people will always find the money for their hobbies.

So what does this mean to the owner of a needlecraft design business? Well simply it means that needlecraft designers and their original designs are always in demand by needlecrafters whether their niche area is blackwork, embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint or tapestry. Also, as a by product of this, needlecraft designers are also in demand by the associated hobby magazines too. Magazines are always looking for new content and features, for their subscribers and what better “easy” content is there for them, than to highlight new designers and designs, to keep their readership interested.

So, if you’ve got a love of needlecrafts and you fancy a bit of easy, interesting, fun and lucrative work this could be exactly what you are looking for. This is the perfect home business for stay-at-home Mums, part-time entrepreneurs and retirees. You don’t need any prior business experience, nor any specialist skills. There are no qualifications needed and no exams to pass. You can get started straight away!

Well…provided you know where to start!

Even though this is a very easy business to setup and run from home, there are a still a number of potential pitfalls for the budding entrepreneur – pitfalls that can be easily avoided with the right help. With that in mind, I would like to tell you about a fantastic brand new course aimed at needlecrafts, whether their niche is needlepoint, blackwork, cross stitch, tapestry or embroidery. A unique course that shows needlecrafters exactly how to take their hobby and create a fun home based business, designing sought after designs that fellow hobbyists will want to buy.

This unique course has been written in a non technical, easy to follow, step by step method and is designed to get you up and running and profitable very quickly. As well as tons of FREE extras included, the course contains a wealth of industry secrets, tips and tricks, to raise your game above the competition; such as: How to forecast trends and stay ahead of the competition, How to price your designs for maximum profits, How to legally steal other peoples designs and earn 100% profit on them! and much, much more!

So if you have ever wanted to run your own home business or wondered whether you could turn your needlecraft hobby into profitable home based business.

A needlecraft design business certainly beats the 9-to-5, for excitement and income potential… and as you’ll be based at home…YOU get to decide the hours you work, not some ungrateful boss!